Since the arable soils are progressively eaten up by industrial activities our modern societies are faced with the increasing challenge of their sustainable management and have to deal more and more often with serious environmental hazards caused by heavy metals or petroleum hydrocarbon soil pollutions.

Soil bioremediation using carefully-chosen microorganisms (bacteria, protozoan, ...) is one of the preferred approaches currently used to rehabilitate these contaminated soils.

The research to identify and better characterize the beneficial microorganisms capable of transforming pollutants into non-hazardous forms calls upon new technologies such as high throughput sequencing and new approaches such as metagenomics.

Progenus proposes high throughput sequencing, metagenomics and automatic genomic functional annotation-based services:

  • Characterization of living ecosystems in which microorganisms play a role in the soils such as soil bioremediation.