The research for better knowledge and characterization of living ecosystems and the inter-relations of the related flora and fauna population with their substrates in bioreactors has gained an increasing momentum in the past few years thanks to the development of the Next Generation Sequencing techniques such as metagenomics for instance. One can now very easily determine the species of microbes which have a positive impact on each step of a fermentation process such as the production of biogas or biofuels or the treatment of sludge water.

The key idea is to favour the development of the most effective species of microorganisms for each fermentation or purification steps and to deplete at the same time the less favourable microorganisms hence increasing the overall cost-effectiveness of the whole process.

Progenus proposes PCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and automatic genome annotation-based fee for service contract to assist with:

  • Optimisation of fermentation processes.
  • Water purification processes.