New techniques, especially for food product authentication, are developed taking into account an increasing awareness of consumer for food safety and authenticity.

Food authentication is a prime concern for food processors as they need to check the quality of raw material and prove the quality of their processed products.

The rights of consumers and genuine food processors in terms of food adulteration, fraudulent or deceptive practices in food processing are set out in European Union regulations regarding food safety and traceability (EC/178/2002).

The identity of ingredients in processed or composite mixtures is not always readily apparent. Verification of the authenticity and the sources of components may be required.

DNA being more thermostable than many proteins, it is less likely to be disrupted by processing of food. Furthermore, DNA is present in the majority of the cells of an organism, potentially enabling identical information to be obtained from any appropriate sample from the same source, regardless of the tissue of origin.

Progenus proposes a range of species-specific DNA kits including:

Other species can be also detected on request.