Manufacturing process

The food and beverage processors and producers are more and more aware of the importance of the quality aspects of their activities and of the crucial role they play in the whole food and beverage production and commercialization chain.

The meat processing industry for instance need simple and easy-to-implement tests to check their raw material inputs (species detection and identification), to control the whole production and storage processes for contamination and to certify the end-products (integrity, contamination, ...).

Progenus proposes PCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) -based services to design and validate in-vitro diagnostic and analysis tests to identity foodborne-diseases, adventitious organism contaminants (virus, bacteria, fungus) which are detrimental to quality and safety of the raw material.

The same set of services can be applied to develop testing solutions for food authentication.

Eventually, related genomic analysis approaches can also be used such as metagenomics to evaluate the health claims of new functional food and beverage for example the study and the control of beneficial yeast strains in functional yoghurt.

Progenus proposes analysis services to detect species in food preparation such as: