Custom projects

Progenus also proposes to its customers custom or tailor-made NGS projects. A fee for service contract is designed to offer our customers with the highest level of versatility and flexibility. These contracts are structured around clearly-set objectives, milestones and timelines. Once the general objective of the project is set by the customer Progenus draw up a detailed contract proposal outlining a stepwise approach, each steps consisting in the development of well-defined and tangible objectives with a preset and commonly agreed time schedule. After the contract is signed the actual work at Progenus starts upon the reception of a first up-front payment. The invoicing of any milestones is only triggered when the corresponding objective is achieved. The customer remains free to opt out of the contract any time after the completion of any milestones to either stop or uphold or redirect the course of the work.

As far as NGS applications are concerned Progenus is able to enter and properly manage custom contract projects in the following fields:

  • Genomics:
    • De Novo sequencing
    • Targeted (re)-sequencing
    • Whole genome (re)-sequencing
    • Deep sequencing
  • Transcriptomics:
    • ARN-Sequencing
    • miRNA sequencing
    • Whole transcriptome
  • Epigenomics:
    • Methylation
    • ChIP-Seq
    • Hypergenomics
  • Comparative genomics and metagenomics

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