Detect fraud in the labeling of meat in the prepared dishes.

The recent crisis of substitution of beef meat by horse demonstrates that nobody is immune to fraud. Therefore, the questions posed by consumers are of two types:

  • Is there horse meat in my lasagna?
  • And if so, what's the percentage?

The same issues arise for Halal and pork or any other label.

Progenus, to meet the aspirations of consumers and control authorities, has developed a range of RT-PCR kits simple, sensitive and specific:

  1. kits for DNA extraction (gamma EXT)

                  DNA extraction from bakery                  DNA extraction from dairy products             DNA extraction from meat products

                DNA extraction from pharmaceutical products (set 1 and set 2)

        2. Detection kits (gamma EASYFAST)

              Clostridium perfrigens               E. coli                      Giardia                                 Listeria monocytogenes

             Pseudomonas aeruginosa          Salmonella spp          Staphylocci caog. pos.          

             Listeria mono + Salmo. + Staph coag+                     C. perf. + Enterobac. + Enterococ. spp

            Rat                   Vertebrate               Fox

      3. Kits for fingerprinting

           Bovine                 Cat                Dog                   Horse

      4. Kits for detection and quantification (gamma EASYFAST)

          Bovin     Chicken     Dog    Goat    Horse      Pig    Sheep    Turkey      Pig+Dog          Pig + dog + horse

      5. Kits for tests on site

         Bovine     Horse     Pig

These kits are available for laboratory analysis.



Progenus TagPro® Pig quantification Progenus TagPro® Horse detection

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