Progenus TagPro® Pig Quantification Kit

November 16th 2012

A new qPCR pig DNA detection and quantification kit

Progenus SA, a top-notch Belgian DNA analysis company active in the agri-food sector is delighted to announce the launch of the Progenus TagPro® Pig Quantification Kit, a ready-to-use real-time PCR test designed for the detection and quantification of pig (Suidae) in total DNA extract from various sources (food, animal feed, pharmaceutical ingredients and final products, ...).

This product is a key tool in the implementation of strict control measures to avoid food cross-contamination and ensure the full integrity of products along the whole food and beverage processing, storage and commercialization chain.

The Progenus TagPro® Pig Quantification Kit offers competitive advantages such as:

  • high specificity designed by bioinformatics and proven experimentally on various matrices (food and pharmaceutical products);
  • high sensitivity, the limit of detection of 10 copies of pig DNA in the reaction being equivalent to one pig DNA particle detected in 107 other particles of DNA;
  • immediate relative quantification of pig DNA present in the sample by determination of the ratio of pig DNA to vertebrate DNA present in the same tube;
  • no need for calibration standard;
  • the Progenus TagPro® Pig Quantification Kit has been certified halal by the “Halal Quality Control” agency recognized by the JAKIM and MUI certification offices.

Product presentation available in FR, EN, NL.