Sales terms

Contract : The present general conditions are integral part of the sale and are regarded as accepted by the customer, even if they would be in contradiction with his general or particular conditions of purchase : these last do not engage Progenus, except if they are expressly accepted by Progenus.

Definitions : Per working day, one understands any day which is not a Saturday, a Sunday or any other public day off in Belgium. By service, one understands any request formulated by the customer who includes either a request for analyses or a request for reagent on the basis of a purchase order.

Offers : Our offers are established in good faith and, unless contrary precise stipulations, they do not bind Progenus and are constantly likely to be modified or withdrawn.

Price : The prices are free of tax. The expenses of packaging and forwarding will be charged to the customers except on particular conditions. Our prices can be modified without warning. The prices charged will be those in force at the day of sending of the results or reagents except in case of firm transactions for regular deliveries with agreed and stipulated irreversible prices.

Orders : orders will be expressed in multiple of the standard unit from the tariff in force at the date of the order.

Return of the goods : our customers are informed that our products neither are taken again nor exchanged. Nevertheless, we guarantee our goods for the length of time indicated on the goods.

Transport : The responsibility of Progenus s.a. for lacks or damages can be blamed only if the reserves of use were made to the conveyor at the appropriate time. No complaint will be accepted after 8 days deadline from the date of reception of the goods.

Delivery time : delivery times are given as an indication and are not final deadlines. They cannot involve for Progenus s.a. any unspecified compensation nor cancellation of the order.

Acceptance of delivery : if, for any reason, the purchaser would refuse to take delivery of his order, Progenus s.a. has the right to continue the execution of the contract or his resolution. In this case, the contract will be automatically broken, and that, without setting in residence, by simple notification of the decision from Progenus s.a., per letter registered to the post office, and it will be due to us by way of fixed and irreducible allowance, a sum equal to 30 % of the amount of the order.

Sending of the samples : the samples intended for the analysis are sent to Progenus s.a. under the only responsibility of the customer and to his expenses. The customer can inform himself at Progenus s.a. on the best conditions of collecting and sending samples. Progenus s.a. has the right to refuse to make an analysis when the sample proves not to be in conformity with the recommendations made by Progenus s.a.

Conservation of the samples : The samples are preserved by Progenus s.a. for maximum 6 weeks. At the end of this period, they are destroyed. The customer can however ask, against payment, that Progenus s.a. either restore its samples to him or preserve those samples for a longer period, defined between both parts and at the costs of the customer.

Sending of the analysis reports : with each request for analysis formulated by the customer, a report of analysis will correspond. This one is transmitted by postal mail. If the customer wishes to receive the results by electronic way, the transmission will be done under the exclusive responsibility of the customer and Progenus s.a. will in no manner be held responsible for the problems related to this electronic transmission.

Payment : all our invoices are payable within the 30 days exclusively by bank transfer, the expiration date of payment being stipulated on the invoice. If an invoice remains unpaid for more than 15 days beyond its expiry, 12 %/per annum interests, as well as 50 € for administrative expenses will be charged, automatically and without setting in residence, and as long as the balance of the clients' account will remain unpaid, the later deliveries or required analyses will be done against refunding, increased by a fixed price for administrative expenses of 25 € per delivery or requested analysis.

Property reserve : The property of any delivered goods remains the property of Progenus s.a. until the payment of any sum due in principal, interests and costs. The delivery is made under the risks and dangers of the purchaser who must ensure himself for possible damage.

Court having jurisdiction . In case of disputes of any kind, only courts having jurisdiction on the place of the Progenus registered office are competent. All the expenses related to the introduction of the request, including professional fees, are to be paid by the client.