Sampling procedures

Even if we give you some information on the sampling procedure for bulb hairs, feathers or tissue, we strongly recommend you to ask your veterinarian to carry out the collection of the sample to guarantee its origin. It is particularly important in case of subsequent conflicting situations.

Technical notes are available for the following procedures:

Hair sampling in bovine/horse species English French Dutch
Feathers sampling English French Dutch
FTA English French Dutch
Use of buccal swab English French Dutch


In order to carry out analysis the samples must fulfill our quality criteria. Therefore the customer (or its veterinary) is responsible for ensuring compliance and quality of the sample. If samples do not fully satisfy our quality criteria they will be rejected. For example, swab in aqueous solution or blood sample collected on Heparine (and not EDTA) will be automatically rejected.

Progenus offers non-invasive ways to collect samples like buccal swab, hair sampling kit, FTA paper, ...

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