Consumer Association

The associations representing the consumer’s interests are keen on checking up on a daily basis that food and beverages available to the public for instance abide to the legal guidelines and regulations as far as quality, safety and authentication are concerned. In other words they are relied upon by the consumers to make sure that the product label reflects the content of the actual product.

The associations ensure that commercialized food product show authenticity, traceability and safety.

Product authenticity implies that food preparation made out of chicken for instance cannot be contaminated by fish or any other animals.

Product traceability involves that the food on the consumer’s plate can be completely traced back up to the original producers (e.g. farmers) throughout each step of the whole production and distribution process.

Product safety means that the end-product is void of foodborne diseases and other contaminants that could be dangerous for the final customers’ health.

For the above organizations Progenus proposes PCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) -based services: