The genetic identity or fingerprint of any individual animal can be considered as a barcode, unique and tamper-proof. The accurate characterization of the genetic identity is crucial for instance for animal breeders associations in their selection process and pedigree control, for traceability from farm to consumers, but also to combat frauds or animal thefts.

Sample materials, such as hairs, buccal swabs, semen, blood, biopsy and many other matrices can be used to perform fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting calls upon the analysis of a list of small non-coding DNA sequences called micro-satellites drawn up by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG).

Progenus routinely carries out fingerprinting analysis for the following animals:

  • Bovine

  • Horse

  • Dog

Accreditation ISO 17025
BELAC 292-Test

  • Wolf

  • Pig

  • Cat

  • Others on request


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