Progenus offers traceability analysis to ensure that meat served on the consumer’s plate can be completely traced back up to the original producers (e.g. farmers) throughout each steps of the whole production, processing and distribution chain.


The traceability procedure is made out of the following steps:

  • at birth the animal is allocated a reference number which is displayed on a ear tag,
  • at the slaughterhouse the ear with the tag is taken from the animal and is stored in a fridge,
  • after a meat control sample is taken in the supermarket for instance, the sample and the ear are analysed for micro-satellites in the Progenus laboratory to make sure that the genetic material from the different samples match one another. The traceability loop is then closed.

Progenus can perform traceability analysis on beef*, pigs and horses* and can also draw-up tailor-made procedure for other animal types.


*Accreditation ISO 17025
BELAC 292-Test

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