Genome annotation

The automatic Genome Annotation Pipeline Service (GAPS) is aiming at :

  • automatically annotate procaryotes (bacteria),eukaryotes (fungi , yeasts) and viruses (phages) genomes
  • visualize the results through a secured user-friendly web genome browser
  • generate customized automatic report

GAPS Service

What do we need from you … ?

  • Contig/scaffold sequence in FastA format
  • Species’ Name
  • Gram-Positive or Negative in case of bacteria

What do you get from us … deliverables?

  • Annotated sequences in Excel and GenBank format
  • Data available on GAPS, an on-line dynamic annotation browser
  • Data delivered to you include:
    • MW (molecular weight)
    • Signal peptides
    • Iso-electric point
    • Functional assignment
    • Functional domains
    • EC number assignment
    • CAZy number assignment
    • Cellular localisation, …

What do you get from us … additional features … ?

  • Local BLAST search against your data: species, contigs, proteins and CDS
  • Exportation of selected features in different formats (e.g. NCBI "publication ready")
  • Searching features into customers’ data

GAPS – On-line demo:

Contact us for obtaining login and password.

The main benefits for our customers of using or acquiring the GAPS solutions are:

  • Automation of their whole high throughput sequencing projects (reads generation, assembly, data pre-processing, analysis, data extraction and data visualization).
  • Easy integration of the GAPS solution within the customer’s informatics infrastructure.
  • Compatibility with other software such as LIMS (laboratory Information management Systems).

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